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Vegan Chocolate Cake or (Hearts)

Its been a while since I posted on here. One of my colleagues suggested I put up recipes.

At the moment I'm not going to put up recipes every week, but I thought I would put up a recipe of the month. One of the popular cakes that I have show cased on my stall and sells really well at the Farmers Market.

I got this recipe from Nigella Lawson's book, adapting it to be a gluten free recipe which makes a wonderfully rich and sticky gluten free chocolate cake; which is to die for, but very easy to make, you wouldn't know the difference. People come back time and again to buy it from my stall at Farmers Markets.

The flour mix that I make consists of the following: Maize, rice, flour, tapioca flour, quinoa flour and buckwheat flour. It does vary from week to week, b

ecause I sometimes take out one flour and use coconut flour or substitute the tapioca for potato flour.

I make up a blend of 100g of each to make my flour, but I sometimes reduce the coconut floor or maize, to make the mix not so dense. (you play around and find your blend, or you can just buy Dove Farms plain flour and go from there.)


375ml hot water

225g gluten free flour

300g dark brown sugar (or coconut sugar)

75g of cocoa

90g coconut oil (melted)

1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt

11/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp of vanilla essence

11/2 tsp of wine vinegar or cider vinegar

1/2 tsp Xanthan gum

1/2 tsp rose water (optional

2-3 drops of wild orange essential oil from doterra (note this is the only FDA essential oil that is permitted in food, and taste divine. Or you could (use zest of an orange)

I use a long lined loaf tin; but you can use a round time and sometimes (as above) I use heart shaped moulds to give that Valentines flair.

I hate recipes which are fiddly and leave you feeling completely frustrated. So I have tried my hardest to make this simple.

Oven prepared for 180 or gas 4

1) Put, sugar, oil and water in a large glass bowl and poor 375ml of hot water over it. This will melt the oil and create a lovely brown syrupy mixture.

2) Add the vinegar, vanilla and essential oils if using

3) Sieve or stir the dry mixture together in a separate bowl.

4) Using a whisk the syrup and flour until combined, but do not over beat.

5) Pour into your prepared tin or mould

6) Bake for 35 mins, but you may have to check after 30 mins, depending on your oven. Make sure it is cooked in the middle.

7) Take tin out of the oven and allow to on the rack

8) Turn out onto plater, or board

7) Dust with cocoa powder or I tend to make a home made chocolate and pour over the top

This cake is easy to make and can be frozen, defrosted and doesn't loose any flavour. Because of the sugar content it keeps very well. Although in my house, not for too long.

You can serve with a dollop of vegan cream or whisked coconut milk. Delicious.


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