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Surviving Farmers Markets in the Winter months

I must be honest, I really hate being at a farmers market in the winter months. I do like when the skies are clear, the air is fresh and their is a sunny crisp afternoon.

For Sunday markets this brings families out to their local markets for a stroll and to buy direct from the producers, products which are of good quality.

But its still cold.

Don't get me wrong I love people visiting my stall, and wanting that perfect slice of cake to take away and have at home with a lovely mug of tea or coffee when they get home.

But standing around all day is not great fun. For me the worse time is also the packing up. Because you are standing all day. (in my case dancing to Ed Sherian on iTunes), to stop my back from sieezing up. That is precisely what happens, when I start to pack up, with twisting and lifting and covering and packing my back, especially my lower back does not like it one bit.

It takes me getting home on the yoga mat, and the next day of swimming, dancing and pilates to get back to rights.

So as a result of this I am seriously contemplating giving up this lark. My joints and especially my back doesn't have to suffer, for a few pennies at a farmers market.

I do love my customers, but I must warn you, this maybe my last winter out at the markets. But do not disappear, you can always order direct or come and collect. If there is a cafe out there that loves what I do and want to building a good working relationship. Then please feel free to contact me.

Or pop by my stall on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month at Walthamstow Farmers Market, on Hoe Street E17 or at Alexandra Palace in North London on the last Sunday of the month. Would love to tempt you to a slice of my Blackbean date and cacao cake.

Apricot & Almond Cake

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